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Exelium XPAD 2.1 - Qi trådløs 2-i-1 multi oplader til iPhone og Apple Watch

Exelium XPAD 2.1 - Multicharger 2 in 1
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    Please note!?All iPhones except iPhone 8 and iPhone X must have an Exelium Up-cover on the device to use wireless charging. Take your wireless charging experience to the next level using the Exelium Xpad, a?sleek and compact wireless charging station with?Quick Charge up to 10W. Skip?the charging cables and charge?simply by placing your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Qi integrated device on the wireless charging pad.Aluminum Multi charger for 2?devices: fast charge Qi 10W for Qi Mobiles and Apple watchIncluding charger adaptor that goes directly into the wall socketCompact and sleek design in aluminum, only 8 mm thickAvailable in two?colours: white and blackCompatibility: Works only with Apple watch series 2 and 3


    Apple watch series 1

    Apple watch series 2

    Apple watch series 3

    Apple watch series 4


    • Mærke:


    • Varenr:


    • EAN nummer:

      Ref nr.: VE01-XPAD21WHITE Hvid: 3700470002883

      Ref nr.: VE01-XPAD21BLACK Sort: 3700470002869

    • Returret:

      300 dages returret

    • Model nr:


    • Udstyr:


      Trådløs oplader til iPhones

    • QI opladning:

      2W til Apple Watch serie 2 & 3

      Til alle iPhone's 5W opladning(Normal)

      Til alle iPhone's 10W opladning(hurtig)

      Til alle iPhone's 7,5W opladning(hurtig)

    • Højde:

      8 cm

    • Bredde:

      16 cm

    • Dybde:

      5 cm

    • Vægt:

      320 g

    • Produktgaranti:

      Normal Dansk producentgaranti med 2 års reklamationsret

    • Teknik:

      Input: 9V-2A Output 1: 9v-1.2A Output 2: 5V-380mA

    • Hun porten:

      USB 3.1 type C

    • CE certifikat:


    • RoHS certifikat:


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